Heathwood Journal is an international peer-reviewed publication (as of September, 2016). We feature articles that focus on social problems, and that bridge methods, disciplines, and gaps between philosophy, science, the humanities, and empirical research. Most articles are online and open access, while some appear specifically through Heathwood Journal of Critical Theory, where we publish hard copy special issues on specific topics.



In order to address the complex problems we face today, Heathwood supports the idea that what’s needed is a combination of different critical perspectives working together to build complex solutions. This means not only people of different demographics such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality and class; but also scholars and researchers of different disciplines and methodologies. Medical science alone will not prevent pandemics, and climate science alone will not stop climate change. Psychology alone will not conquer mental illness, and sociology alone will not solve social problems. Collaboration across disciplines can foster greater and deeper understanding. Collaboration across social demographics and divisions, methodologies and academic disciplines can enable a more accurate understanding of our modern social world and how we might transform it for the better. By supporting critical cross-disciplinary and methodologically innovative research, Heathwood strives to inspire viable and complex solutions through promoting research into connections between meaning, lived experience, behavior, social structure, and the environment.


The publishing arm of the project, Heathwood Press, is the primary outlet for the writings of the Institute and its authors and contributors. Most of Heathwood’s publications are available online and for free; however, we also publish books and special subject-specific print issues of the Heathwood Journal. For author information, please see our submissions page.

As of September 2016, Heathwood is a formally peer-reviewed journal. This includes both digital publications on our website as well as print publications in the special versions of our journal.

Peer-Reviewed Online Journal

The ethos of the online Journal is that critical academic research should be free and accessible to the public, not hidden behind some pay-wall (which is the inspiration behind our idea of a free, online publication program). For this reason, we actively ensure that majority of our publications are available free and online.

The online version of the Heathwood Journal is peer-reviewed. Please see our submissions page for more information.

Peer-Reviewed Print Journal

The Heathwood Journal of Critical Theory is the print version of the Heathwood Journal. As opposed to the Online Journal, each issue is usually organized around a special theme or subject. We announce our Call for Papers for the print journal here.

The print version of the Heathwood Journal is peer-reviewed. Please see our submissions page for more information.


When it comes to our book publishing program, we operate on a not-for-profit basis and strive to ensure all of our books are as affordable as possible. The majority of the money charged for each book goes toward supporting the author, while a small percentage goes toward covering project and publication costs. In purchasing a Heathwood book, you are supporting our project and its future.

For more information, see our submissions page.

Purchasing a Heathwood Print Publication

Heathwood is not-for-profit. Every print publication you purchase helps us cover project costs, as well as fund our website. When you purchase an issue of the Heathwood Journal, the money you spend goes directly toward helping fund the project.

A list of online book sellers can be found on the page for each print publication in our book shop.

Sustainable print model

Regarding the day to day operations of the Press: we refuse to give in to wasteful out-of-date publishing methods, corporate hierarchies and corporate methods of operation. We strive everyday to be as free as possible from the rotten economic dynamics of our present-day social reality. We refuse to surrender to the type of shackles that come with an obligation to shareholders, advertisement agencies, and corporate modes of production, which play a dreadful and controlling role with regards to today’s publishing standards.

It is important to us that we are both economically and environmentally sustainable. Drawing off the latest technologies and also the services of a printer/distributor who is one of the most radical when it comes to economic and environmental sustainability, all of our publications function on a Print on Demand basis.

When a Heathwood reader chooses to purchase one of our titles, each order is printed on the demand of that single purchase. This publishing model amounts to a few different points: it eliminates massive economic overhead and it saves on the mass-production of the literary art (which is important to us). Our print-on-demand model also allows us to refuse to participate in the exhaustion of materials, affording us the freedom to refuse to print 50,000 copies of any given title so that they might just sit in a warehouse somewhere.

Thanks to our printer/distributor, all of our books are Chain of Custody Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI). This means that the paper used to print our books is tracked from forest to printer to ensure the integrity of the paper supply chain, and that all wood fibre used for paper production is legally sourced from responsibly managed forests.