Heathwood Journal, online and in print, is a peer-reviewed publication (as of September, 2016) featuring critical theory, methodological innovation, and interdisciplinary research into the roots of social, economic, and environmental crises. Quickly establishing a global reputation for the breadth of its analysis and its multidisciplinary approach, Heathwood has invited submissions from all areas. Online publications are open access, typically part of our ongoing research series and themes. The print version of the Heathwood Journal is perceived as a special publication, organized around a certain subject or issue.


In order to address the rampant inequality and intolerance in the world today, we need to bring people together to build more complex and multidimensional perspectives on the problems we face as well as their potential solutions. Medical science alone will not overcome the inequalities of health. Climate science alone will not overcome climate change. Psychology alone will not overcome issues of social pathology. Advancements in critical research and understanding are forged through collaboration. We must look at the many issues we face today in their multidimensional complexity and, in turn, offer critical, progressive, transformative multidimensional solutions. Promoting critical thinking and transdisciplinary theory, Heathwood aims to look at how we humans respond to experience (emotionally, psychologically, and in our actions) and why we organise our institutions, societies and belief systems in the ways that we do. We seek to understand through a complex and multidimensional approach how, why and when we relate to ourselves, the world and each other in destructive ways, and ultimately to develop new, healthier ways of relating and acting in the world.