Announcement: Heathwood has ceased publication. The project has been discontinued. We are really proud of what has been achieved over the years. Heathwood has become groundbreaking in many ways. This was built on the great work of its many contributors, and we are delighted to have developed such a unique and progressive research vision. Please continue to enjoy the rich library of content on this website (which will be archived). A selection of our print publications will also remain in circulation. We hope that Heathwood's core philosophy, vision and aims continue to inspire. - October, 2016

Heathwood Journal

Heathwood Journal is an international peer-reviewed publication (as of September, 2016). We feature articles that focus on social problems, and that bridge methods, disciplines, and gaps between philosophy, science, the humanities, and empirical research. Most articles are online and open access, while some appear specifically through Heathwood Journal of Critical Theory, where we publish hard copy special issues on specific topics.

Heathwood Institute and Press is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to investigating the root causes of social, economic, and environmental crises. In order to address the complex problems we face today, Heathwood supports the idea that what's needed is a combination of different critical perspectives working together to build complex solutions. This means not only people of different demographics such as race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality and class; but also scholars and researchers of different disciplines and methodologies. Medical science alone will not prevent pandemics, and climate science alone will not stop climate change. Psychology alone will not conquer mental illness, and sociology alone will not solve social problems. Collaboration across disciplines can foster greater and deeper understanding. Collaboration across social demographics and divisions, methodologies and academic disciplines can enable a more accurate understanding of our modern social world and how we might transform it for the better. By supporting critical cross-disciplinary and methodologically innovative research, Heathwood strives to inspire viable and complex solutions through promoting research into connections between meaning, lived experience, behavior, social structure, and the environment.